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Hair Growth Elixir

Search no further! Our hair oils were designed with healthy growth at the top of our priorities. Add some inches or nourish your scalp with our blend of natural oils specially formulated to help you achieve your hair goals. Whether suffering from postpartum hair loss, restoring thinning edges or just wanting longer thicker hair, get all that you could ask for in a natural hair growth product out of our oils.

Available in Men’s formulation.


*ARGAN OIL - Helps prevent hair loss, while promoting regrowth. 

*COCONUT OIL - seals in moisture and improves circulation. Nutrient rich anti-fungal

*JOJBA OIL - serves as a protectant of each individual hair strand to strengthen, and protect. Thick consistency of the JOJBA plant, helps this product to penetrate your hair deep

*TEA TREE OIL - stimulates growth reduces dandruff anti-fungal

*CASTOR OIL - rapid increase of blood flow to the scalp which promotes hair growth, seals split ends, & thickens the hair. 


DISCLAIMER: Products contain herbs and essential oils. Please do not use this product if you have any reaction to any ingredient listed. We are not liable for illness or allergic reaction. Please conduct a 24 hour patch test before completely applying.

Experience the power of Hair Growth Elixir. This specially formulated elixir stimulates healthy hair growth with its unique blend of natural ingredients, giving you thicker, fuller hair in no time. Scientifically proven to enhance hair volume, it's the perfect solution for hair growth. Hair Growth Elixir

Hair Growth Elixir is a luxurious, all-natural formula that helps nourish and strengthen hair follicles, resulting in thicker and longer hair. Made with natural herbal extracts, this Hair Growth Elixir helps promote hair growth and protect against breakage and thinning with every use.

Grow thicker, fuller hair with Hair Growth Elixir. This powerful, natural formula contains active ingredients that penetrate the scalp to nourish and stimulate hair follicles, leading to stronger, healthier hair. For optimal results, use daily on dry or damp hair. Hair Growth Elixir