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XO Satin Long Bonnet

A generous 22” silk bonnet for fitting even the longest of locks. Protect your hair and maintain styling while you sleep.


PLEASE NOTE!!!!! Bonnet Pictured is an older design. design will vary!

The XO Satin Long Bonnet is designed to protect your hairstyle and keep your tresses looking sleek. Made from smooth satin, it fits snugly over the head, extending down to the shoulders for maximum coverage. Its lightweight material won't weigh down your hair or cause irritation, making it the ideal choice for a secure, comfortable fit.

Elevate your bedtime routine with XO Satin Long Bonnet. This luxurious bonnet provides superior coverage for your hairstyle while you sleep and helps to preserve your style for long-lasting results. Its elasticated edge provides secure and comfortable fit. Get a great night's sleep while protecting your hair with XO Satin Long Bonnet.

Stay protected in style with the XO Satin Long Bonnet. Crafted with luxurious satin, this bonnet wraps comfortably and securely around your head for all-night hair protection. Its length is specially designed to protect more of your hair, so you wake up to healthier, fuller hair.

Made with 100% premium quality satin, the XO Satin Long Bonnet ensures your hair stays protected while maintaining moisture and definition. Its extra-long shape ensures your extra long hairstyles are also kept secure and comfortable. Perfect for everyone! XO Satin Long Bonnet