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XO Jade Roller

XO Jade Roller
XO Jade Roller

Go against gravity and give yourself a natural lift by pushing your favorite products into your face for maximum absorption and tighter elasticity. Rollers are encouraged to optimally apply serums and moisturizers while encouraging healthy circulation in the face!

Jade is the stone of balance, bringing about harmony through protection of purity and love. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, whether it be with others or the love that you dedicate to yourself. Rid yourself of bad vibes and relax your mind when you use crystal rollers in your self care routine.

    • 100% Green Jade and Rose Quartz

    • Helps to reduce puffiness and tension in the face while promoting better circulation

    • Aids in diminishing dark circles and bags under the eyes

    • Assists in product penetration when used with cosmetic skincare. 

      Enjoy the benefits of the XO Jade Roller - an ancient Chinese beauty tool. Crafted with 100% natural jade stone, its cooling and gentle massage helps promote skin elasticity and reduce puffiness. Perfect for a quick facial massage to revitalize your complexion.

      The XO Jade Roller is a beauty tool that was designed to help reduce puffiness and inflammation, improve elasticity, and promote circulation. Its pure jade stone construction helps to keep the roller cold and make it a luxurious massage tool for your skin. The built-in handle is easy to hold and use, so you can massage your skin with ease.

      The XO Jade Roller is the perfect facial massage tool. It features 100% natural jade stone and a gentle roller to effectively and safely reduce wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. Its cooling effect calms skin and invigorates with each use. Enjoy the spa-like indulgence at home, anytime.

      XO Jade Roller is a luxurious beauty tool and a must-have addition to your skincare routine. Crafted from real jade, its massaging action enhances circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness and promoting a youthful glow. Use the larger end for the neck and wider areas of the face and the smaller end for around the eyes and other delicate areas.

      The XO Jade Roller is a luxurious skin-care tool that helps reduce facial tension, puffiness, and wrinkles. Made from real jade, it helps to promote lymphatic drainage and smoothes the surface of your skin. Its cooling and calming effect also aids in relaxation, making it an ideal self-care tool. XO Jade Roller

XO Jade Roller
XO Jade Roller