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XO hair spa cap

XO Hair Thermal Steamer SPA Cap (Nourishing Care Hat) helps you Say goodbye to dry hair and care for your hair at home or while traveling!

Unique Patterns - With an exquiste and unique pattern, Xo Hair Spa Cap offers an easy and stylish way to achieve the results of a salon conditioning treatment at home. You will feel great while conditioning your hair and dramatically improve results of your at home hair treatment.

Effective–The hair spa cap can reach 45℃ at low temperature and 65℃ at high, allowing you to select the most comfortable mode for you and your hair. It also provides uniform heat distribution and warms consistently to ensure deep penetration and absorption of the nutrients of your treatment not only into your hair, but also into your scalp.

Deep Conditioning - It is the best choice to prevent your hair from drying out and helping to improve and avoid split ends. It provides gentle, thermal heat which is beneficial for all types of hair, without using hot air which can in fact dry the hair out, this way your hair is able to absorb the needed nutrients.

Perfect Size for Home Use or on Traveling–Even if you have limited space at home, there will always be a place for this small, convenient, portable and handy hair spa cap. The compact size also makes it easy to carry it while traveling.