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Spa Facial Cleansing Brush

Multi-speed facial brush for exfoliation or daily cleansing. Includes 4 different brush heads with varying bristles for a customized experience to compliment your skins needs.

More Details:

Pair the lowest speed with the daily facial cleansing brush head for a gentle surface clean, or use the exfoliating brush head with a high speed to remove dead skin cells and reveal a radiant complexion. There’s also something for those with extra sensitive skin as well if you find that the other brushes are to much for you! The new silicone facial brush head is composed of soft bristles to massage skin clean, rather than buff or scrub. So regardless if you have the softest most sensitive skin in the world, or find yourself in desperate need of a new routine to clean your face thoroughly, look no further. Get ready to glow!

How to use:
Remove makeup using XO magic makeup eraser. Attach your desired brush head to the XO spa facial cleansing brush base. Dampen your skin with water and apply cleanser or exfoliator of your choice directly to your skin or to the brush head. (Note: avoid using exfoliants with larger beads as they can damage your skin.) hold the device so the brush head is flush against your skin, then press the on off button to select your desired mode. Gently glide the XO spa cleansing facial brush over your skin surface in a circular motion, be careful not to apply too much force to the brush head as it may cause irritation to your skin.

Following each use of the XO spa facial cleansing brush, remove your brush head from the device and thoroughly rinse the brush head separately under warm water. If it is discolored from makeup or debris, clean with warm, soapy water and allowed to air dry. Clean the base and handle once a week with a slightly damp cloth or antibacterial wipes. Replace brush head every 2-3 months. Additional daily cleansing, exfoliating, and silicone brush heads are available. Be sure to charge at least once a week to maintain sufficient charge to thoroughly clean. Enjoy & let it GLOW!!!