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HD Frontals

HD 13x6 lace closurers using raw Vietnamese straight, raw Cambodian wavy, & raw Burmese curly.

All Can be styled &  bleached to 613 without compromising.

HD Frontals provide an excellent natural look that will last in all weather conditions. Our high quality HD lace material delivers a realistic look and feel that mimics your natural hair texture. Our frontals provide superior breathability, allowing you to comfortably style and wear your hair for hours. HD Frontals

Enjoy HD Frontals, made with a unique blend of natural and synthetic fibers to create a look that's realistic and comfortable. The result is a natural texture that's lightweight and easy to style. Plus, it's designed for durability and resistance to frizz, making styling a breeze. HD Frontals

HD Frontals offer a natural, realistic look with ultra-realistic detail and depth. Available in a variety of colors, they blend seamlessly with your existing hair to provide a flawless, undetectable finish. Experience perfect quality and vibrant colors with HD Frontals.