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Essential Makeup Brush Set

Get swept away with our softest 100% synthetic brushes. This 10-piece set is designed for ease of application with rose gold handles and includes all the essentials you’d need for a complete makeup look. Comes in a matching carrying case to conveniently store or tuck away for travel. 100% cruelty free!

Set Contains:

  • Powder Brush – For applying setting powder, bronzer or blush

  • Flat Top Foundation Brush – Apply foundation and/or blend

  • Angled Blush/Contour Brush – For more accurate application of blush or contour products

  • Tapered Highlight Brush – Gently glaze the face with your favorite liquid or powder highlighter

  • Small Contour Brush – For precise contour application, such as for the nose

  • Blending Brush – Soft and fluffy to precisely blend

  • Angled Shadow Brush – For precise eyeshadow application

  • Straight shadow Brush – For precisely applying concealers and eyeshadows

  • Small Brush – For detailed shadow or concealer application

  • Pencil Brush – For detailed application, such as lower lash line shadow and liner